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Jason Derulo reportedly owes Keele student union £20,000
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Jason Derulo reportedly owes Keele University student union £20,000 after failing to turn up to a gig there last year.

The musician was booked to perform at the SU on January 30, 2016, but failed to appear on stage. Ticket-holders were refunded, but those involved with booking the event claim Derulo and his team have yet to pay back the fee given to him in advance.

As Buzzfeed reports, sabbatical officers from the union created a video to share on Twitter ahead of Derulo’s performance on new BBC music show Sounds Like Friday Night. In it, development and democracy officer Tom Snape says: “Hi Jason, good luck tonight on the stage. When you get a chance, can you pay us the 20 grand you owe us?”

Hi @jasonderulo good luck on #SLFN Here's a quick message from the @KeeleSU officer team <3 (pls pay us back soon)

— Tom Snape (@Tom_KeeleSU) October 27, 2017

Snape later told Buzzfeed that Derulo had made it to Keele University on the day he was booked to perform, but had later failed to appear at the show. He added the union was not clear why that was.

“Our contract wasn’t directly with him but through a chain of several agents,” he explained. “The contract that we had was with a particular agent.” He said he’d received legal advice that it would be difficult to get the money back.”

He added: “We want Jason Derulo to acknowledge [what happened]. In an ideal world, we would get that money back.”

31/10/2017 23:26:30
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