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Slaves announce last-minute intimate homecoming gig
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Slaves have announced that they will play an intimate homecoming show this Thursday to mark the fifth anniversary of their debut mini-album.

The punk duo will take to the stage at the Tunbridge Wells Forum to celebrate the anniversary of ‘Sugar Coated Bitter Truth’, which was initially released in 2012.

Fans can grab tickets by signing up to DICE before midnight tonight, ahead of a 24 hour purchase window.

“It’s been 5 years since we released our first body of music, ‘Sugar Coated Bitter Truth'”, guitarist Laurie Vincent said of the show.

To celebrate 5 yrs since the release of our debut record, S.C.B.T we're putting on a very special show. More info:

— Slaves (@Slaves) July 17, 2017

“Recorded in the Tunbridge Wells Forum in 2012, it kicked off our career and started us getting played on the radio, leading to our first ever festival slot at Reading and Leeds. To celebrate we return to the scene of the crime for a one off gig!”

Earlier this month, they also played London’s Community Festival, where they hit out at the Tories.

17/07/2017 15:27:47
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